Microsoft Will Serve Legal Marijuana Trade

Microsoft-Marijauna-TechnosearchMicrosoft recently announced its plans to acquire business social networking site LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Microsoft is ready to enter the legal marijuana industry. It will enter a partnership with a Los Angeles start-up, Kind, that built the software the tech giant will begin marketing.

Kind is a small sized company trying to make the marijuana Products and services readily available to the people. I already  offering a range of products, including A.T.M.-style kiosks that facilitate marijuana sales, working through some of the state-chartered banks that are comfortable with such customers.

The software will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. Both the companies will work in collaboration on a software that helps governments track and trace legal marijuana, according to a press release that came out on Thursday. Microsoft’s affiliation with legal marijuana has come a big step forward for the young and eager legalized weed industry.

“Nobody has really come out of the closet if you will,” said Matthew A. Karnes, the founder of Green Wave Advisors, which provides data and analysis of the marijuana business. “It’s very telling that a company of this caliber is taking the risk of coming out and engaging with a company that is focused on the cannabis business.”

David Dinenberg, the founder and chief executive of Kind, said it had taken a long time — and a lot of courting of big-name companies — to persuade the first one to get on board.

Ms. Nelson of Microsoft said that initially her company would be marketing the Kind software at conferences for government employees, but it could eventually also be attending the cannabis events where Kind is already a regular presence. “This is an entirely new field for us,” she said. “We would have to figure out which conference might be the premier conference in this space. That’s not outside the realm of possibility.”


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