Microsoft’s HoloLens Helps Improve Surgery

Microsofts_HoloLensAugmented reality is being projected to potentially have a significant impact on the Medical Community. A company named Scopis has developed a surgery solution which leverages Microsoft’s HoloLens. Surgeons can now see overlay wearing these mixed reality glasses allowing him more control and precision during the surgery. This will improve the success rate of certain surgical procedures which are complex such as in surgeries related to the spine but it can be fine tuned to work with any type of surgery.

Scopis spokesperson says “To use the Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform during such an operation, the surgeon wears Microsoft HoloLens glasses, which communicate wirelessly with the Scopis system. The planned positioning of the pedicle screws is projected onto the surgeon’s field of view and overlaid exactly onto the patient, creating the mixed reality experience. This allows the surgeon to find the screws’ planned positions faster and to align surgical instruments interactively with the holographic visualisation.”

The company also informed saying that it improves the accuracy of mixed reality overlay using additional 3-D position tracking. The company’s holographic platform will revolutionise surgical workflows as it will enable surgeons to use gestures to place virtual monitors into their visual field near the patient. As a result of this, their eyes will remain on the operative field.

The technology will be able to reduce the radiation exposure from fluoroscopy devices that are currently used to determine the optimal position for screw placement during surgery which will be beneficial to both the patients and medical professionals.

For sure Scopis will able to improve surgical outcomes through more precise alignment and shorter surgery times.


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