Monkey King China’s Take On Giant Fighting Robots

Monkey KingOn Saturday Chinese botmaker released a prototype of Monkey King newest gladiator robot. We can set our sight on seeing a full-scale MegaBots brawl in the near future. The Monkey King robot is manoeuvred by a human pilot yet has a number of features up its sleeves.

The MegaBot can stay steady on all its four legs and can stand on its hind legs when it wields a staff. It does not have the acrobatic reflexes we are used to seeing in many of the Chinese movies like the Crouching Tiger but surely throw a punch or two to a rather straightforward fight.

Monkey King RobotFans can soon see a battle in place if Megabots decide if Greatmetal can enter the giant fighting robot league. The fight could take place between Mk III Robot vs Monkey King after taking on Suidobashi’s Kuratas this August.

The first fight might be a novelty for the fans but in the near future, there can be battles taking place between more than two bots and much larger mechanoid scrap.


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