Musk’s Boring Company Will Bore Tunnels To Help You Avoid Traffic

Boring CompanyGetting fed up with the traffic in LA Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk came up with an idea to bore tunnels through the Earth’s surface below.This would surely enable smooth and quicker transportation system for our hi-tech cities of the future. The thought was brought into existence with the formation of the Boring Company and recent leaks and tweets proved it is going forward with its plans.


Later a video was released on the company’s official website showing how your Tesla will disappear beneath the road.

The video shows how one can simply avoid traffic by getting his car onto a pad in the road. Once you position your car on will disappear into an underworld where everything runs perfectly. So no more frustrations about getting stuck in traffic.

The video suggests in the tunnel the car is carried along on a sledge at speeds upto 130 Mph. Apart from this, there are many layers of sledges and roadways and all this is controlled by a computer system. Chances of error are minimised with the computers involved.

The video was released by Musk at TED talk on Friday and already is trending on YouTube with great interest.

The idea seems to be wonderful though putting it in practice won’t be easy with a number of construction issues and permissions needed. Apart from even though the cars move swiftly, it would take some time to get them down there and back up on the ground. Also in states like California which is prone to earthquakes, it would be difficult to execute this idea.


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