New NexDock Turns Intel Compute Card to Laptop

NexDockThe size of a computer is shrinking in recent years. Recently concluded CES 2017 intel announced the arrival of the Compute Card. The Compute Card is very compact almost the size of a credit card used by NexDock to convert into a laptop.

The Compute Card is a full fledged computer powered with a CPU, GPU and wireless connectivity. The card is designed to make hardware manufacturers easily integrate computers internals to smart devices built around a single, upgradeable standard.Earlier version of NexDock introduced last year users were able to easily add the component separately using a smartphone, Raspberry Pi, or Compute Stick to create a fully-functional laptop. This time though NexDock will support Intel’s Compute Card and has already been listed as one of Intel’s regional partners for the Compute Card.Intel Compute Card is about the size of a credit card and measures 95mmx55mmx55mm. It is powered by a 7th Generation Intel Core vPro processor along with all other components required to run this mini PC. It only needs peripherals and power.

The Compute Card can be easily integrated with the NexDock, which is a touchscreen device with two slots on the sides. One slot is for the Compute Card which is the computer of the device. The second slot is for a larger, custom USB-C module for swapping in and out ports and battery life as er user requirements. The NexDock can be converted into different form either using a keyboard or kickstand accessories.Devices similar to NexDock are Kangaroo Notebook which was built with a vision of swappable miniature Pc’s in laptops and Superbook where smartphone acts as a brain of an empty laptop shell.

Though both Intel Compute Card and NexDock are in their early stages of development will not be available until mid-2017. The NexDock release date prices and release dates are not known.


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