Own OnePlus3 Prior To The Launch In India.

oneplus3OnePlus3 will be available today via a Charity Auction today even before it is on Amazon.in on June 15 12.30 AM. OnePlus has partnered with Droom.in for this auction.The proceeds from the auction will go to the charity chosen by the OnePlus community through voting on OnePlus Forums. The auction will go live on June 9th, 4 PM to June 12th, 3:59:59 PM . Top 5 highest individual bidders will end up owning the “first-ever OnePlus 3s in India” .The winners will also be given a surprise gift along with the phone which we guess is a free VR headset .Droom_Auction_technosearch
OnePlus General Manager India operations Mr. Vikas Agarwal said “We are excited by the response from the OnePlus community to our latest flagship. Through this unique smartphone auction, we want to offer our loyal fans an opportunity to get their hands on the first few OnePlus 3 smartphones in the country, even before it goes on sale while also contributing to the society.”
Droom_Auction_technosearch2Bidders can participate in the auction by registering on Droom.in and can start bidding with Rs 1 with  no cap on the final amount for bids. Every bid increases the price of the OnePlus 3 smartphone by Rupees 5. The auction will go live on June 9th, 4 PM to June 12th, 3:59:59 PM. You can also view the live leaderboard on the product page will be provided to showcase the top 10 bids in real time. Link to purchase the phones they bid for will be immediately sent to the top 5 bidders after the auction closes. The phones will be delivered after the global launch scheduled on June 14.


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