Professional Drone Racing About To Take Off

drone racing TechnoSearchDrone racing is the newest gaming sensation which started as a hobby and is fast on it’s way to become a professional sport. Many people have quit their jobs,put having kids on hold, and moved to the United States to pursue their drone racing dreams. The reports in the media suggest that it has gained the status of competitive racing sport and it’s coming to ESPN. International Drone Racing Association and ESPN this week announced a multi-year distribution deal.

Drone racing is a very exciting new sport emerged about 18 months ago. Formula 1 and NASCAR compete against each other at very high speeds trying to avoid each other as they travel through the twist and turns. Similarly, Flying Robots cruising in mid-air at speeds around 90 miles try to avoid each other while traveling through the racing track making loud noises.

It is a Video Game style sports where the kids wanna play it and they love playing it. They also learn a bit about science and technology and have fun doing it. Drone racing is like fulfilling a dream flying around for real and it gives a freedom to basically be superman.Drone Racing TechnoSearch 2Drone racing involves people who take drones fitted with cameras which give video feeds to the Goggles. While flying the drones with the camera you get to experience the first person view. It is like sitting in the cockpit of a drone and it gets you immersed at the high speeds with the drones on cam. The race is loud like NASCAR but here the added advantage is that the spectators can also wear the goggles and see the feed broadcasted from the drone. Real time video feed can also be broadcasted making it as exciting to watch as it is to the pilot.

Drone racing truly transfers your consciousness into a flying thing, the image being a bird or an insect for a couple of minutes but without the risk. Imagine driving a car in a race and end up crashing it you may die. But with drone racing you are travelling at high speed and have a head on collision with anything all you do is break a propeller.
Audiences have the advantage where they can view any aspect of the race just by choosing the view point they want to see it from. Forget packed stadiums or watching it live drone racing is all about immersive viewing on Television, Web or a VR Headset.

The Droneracingleague sees itself not only as a professional sports league but also as a video production company. It is a new sport wrapped in a new technology which makes us realise how close we are to the future.

Expect to see more of this emerging new sport in the coming years.


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  • This drone racing sure is fun and exciting. It takes real skill and great nerves. Looking forward to seeing it on ESPN.