Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans Available

Reliance Jio will is all set to provide internet speeds up to 1 Gbps via Jio Fiber its latest fiber optic based broadband service offering. Currently, it is being tested in Mumbai and Pune exclusively over a period of time. Later the broadband plans will be provided via the Jio Fiber service to over 900 cities and towns.Jio Fiber service will make it possible for Home and Business subscribers to enjoy internet connection with speeds up to 1 Gbps or 120 Mbps. It is presently offering a number of plans ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 5500.broadband_plansAs the speed of the Jio Fiber is on the higher side we would suggest upgrading your Laptop, Mac or Pc to an SSD Hard Drive will certainly be beneficial.

Let’s take a look at the broadband plans offered by Reliance Jio Fiber. It is offering 3 types of broadband plans as mentioned here:

  • Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based plans.
  • Jio Giga Fiber Volume-based plans.
  • Jio Giga Fiber special broadband plans.

Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based Broadband plans

Jio Fiber plansSpeedData usageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Plan 150 mbps2000 GBFreeRs 150030 days
Jio Fiber plan 2100 mbps1000 GBFreeRs 200030 days
Jio Fiber plan 3200 mbps750 GBFreeRs 350030 days
Jio Fiber plan 4400 mbps500 GBFreeRs 400030 days
Jio Fiber plan 5600 mbps300 GBFreeRs 550030 days

Jio Giga Fiber Volume-based Broadband plans

Jio Fiber plansSpeedData usageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Plan 6
No Cap5 GB/DayFreeRs 100030 days
Jio Fiber plan 7No Cap10 GB/DayFreeRs 200030 days
Jio Fiber plan 8No Cap20 GB/DayFreeRs 300030 days
Jio Fiber plan 9No Cap40 GB/DayFreeRs 400030 days
Jio Fiber plan 10No Cap60 GB/DayFreeRs 500030 days

Jio Giga Fiber Special Offers Broadband plans

Jio Fiber OffersUsageApp usagePriceValidity
Jio Fiber Offer 1600GB @ 15mbpsFreeRs 50030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 2500GB @ 25mbpsFreeRs 100030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 33.5GB/DayFreeRs 50015 days
Jio Fiber Offer 472 hours @60mbpsFreeRs 50030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 510mbps UnlimitedFreeRs 80030 days
Jio Fiber Offer 61 day UnlimitedFreeRs 4001 day

Eligibility for Jio Fiber Broadband service

Jio Fibre services will be launched in phases in selected locations across India. Locations, where Jio Fiber service is available subscribers can apply online for Jio Fiber broadband service.

How to register online for Jio Fiber Broadband ?

Once the service commences it will be officially disclosed on the Jio website.  Subscribers can apply online by filling the  Jio Fiber online registration  form.

Price of Jio Fiber broadband Router

Subscribers will need to make one time payment of Rs 6000 against the Jio Fiber Router charges. Apart from this no additional cost will be charged under the  Jio Fiber Preview Offer.

Add-on packs for Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber users will also be offered add-on packs with data based Jio Fiber plans where broadband subscribers.



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