Renault WannaCry Ransomware Latest Casualty

WannaCry ransomware The WannaCry ransomware has been news lately and has hampered work in many hospitals, institutions, telecom and shipping industry all over the world. French car manufacturer Renault is sadly one of the major organisation across the world to be hit by the WannaCry ransomware crisis.

A company official in France made this known to the media on Saturday. The company spokesperson speaking to AFP said – “We have been affected and assessing the situation to try to find a solution.”

She also added – “Work is going on since last night. We are doing what is needed to counter this attack”

It will take time for the WannaCry ransomware crisis to be completely cleaned up but steps are being taken across the world to nullify the situation. This can be seen from the actions of Microsoft where it immediately released a Windows patch for long suspended product support. Slowly but surely things will get normal.  


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