I Resigned To Catch Pokemon

Catch Pokemon-TechnosearchOver the period of time ever since the launch of the newest gaming sensation Pokemon Go is gaining its popularity in leaps and bounds. All good things come with its pros and cons, similarly Pokemon Go has its pros and cons. Apart from the Pokemon Go being a great Fitness App, there has been news of players who are using it dangerously. One such incident a Florida man shot at some Pokemon Go players mistaking them for burglars. Yet another incident reported by CNN mentioned two men falling off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go. Another press report in Los Angeles Times mentioned three women finding a dead body in San Diego while playing the game. The story that stands out is about an individual from New Zealand who has resigned his job to catch Pokemon as reported in an article by Gamespot.

Tom Currie a resident from New Zealand has quit his routine job to become a full-time Pokemon Go game trainer. In his quest for adventure he set off on the path to capture Pokemon, even his employer was not aware of it all. In less than a week, he captured Dragonair, Scyther and Jynx on the Kaikoura Ranges on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and he added a water-dwelling Goldeen off the west coast.Till now he has been successful in capturing 90 of the 151 monsters available playing the game on his phone.

His success with the game has made him a popular figure with many fan followings. Such great is the popularity that he has been offered a full-time job as a Pokemon Go trainer by a gaming company Gamer Sensei in the US.

Apart from this various travelling companies are offering him to take him to more remote parts of New Zealand, though he is receiving support from all over the world including countries like Ireland, India, Canada and the US as reported by the Guardian.

Speaking to the BBC Tom said – “My dad sent through a text message saying he always knew I would be famous.”. Further adds “When you and your friends have to physically go for a walk or run to catch Pokemon in the area and you all catch it, that is definitely a highlight.”


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