Russian Robot Causes Chaos In The Streets

Robot-promobot-Technosearch-3People in the city of Perm, Russia were confused and surprised this week to see a robot called Promobot on the streets. Traffic was temporarily halted as a result of the robot escaping from the nearby research lab.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot’s co-founder speaking with the media said “Everything stopped, It’s not every day that people meet a robot, I guess. There was small traffic jam and one person called the police.”

In a statement to the media, Kivokurtsev said it was the mistake of an engineer who left the gate open while entering the office, and the robot managed to escape and make its way to the road.

The robot managed to gather attention before it ran out of batteries in a short time.

promobot-Technosearch-1The Promobot short for Promotion Robot” is intended to work in customer relations. Kivokurtsev said “The idea is that you can ask them a question, such as ‘Where is the food court?’ and they will be able to not only tell you, but actually go there with you.”

Already 200 similar robots are already in use in countries including Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ireland, and the Czech Republic. They are employed in expo centers, theaters, and business centers.

promobot-Technosearch-2Promobot comes with many clever features, including voice and facial recognition. When you tell your name to Promobot, the next time you meet him, he will greet you with your name and also remember what you had asked. The co-founder Kivokurtsev said  “He is always smiling and is never ill. He’s one of the BEST ROBOTS in his category.”


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