Super Sharp Satellite Imagery For Google Maps

google maps-earth-satellite-imagery-technosearch

Google is a pioneer when it comes to mapping applications. It has updated this application to higher resolution imagery from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite as quoted its official blog today.

Google is providing a cloud-free mosaic of the planet, where they stitched selective portions of the Earth with clear skies.  This mosaic is able to eliminate the clouds and any other obstruction from the weather. Enabling to create a crystal clear snapshot of every corner of our planet. Now with the latest Satellite imagery Google Maps and Google Earth will contain far sharper and more detailed photographs.

Google updated its Maps and Earth’s Satellite imagery in the year 2013. These shots were captured by Landsat 7 which was less capable caused of hardware failure back in 2003. As a result of this some portions of the world having diagonal gaps of missing data.

google-maps-earth-satellite-imagery-nyc-2016-Technosearch-1Presently the Landsat 8’s imagery is much clear and advanced. The images are created from a petabyte of data containing more than 700 trillion pixels making them crystal clear. The data generated by NASA and United States Geological Survey from its Landsat satellite is open sourced for anyone to make use of.

The Scientist study large-scale global changes in the environment and track the spread of diseases by accessing the imagery. They are able to achieve this using the Earth Engine Application programming interface. On the other hand, use of imagery by Google is for a simpler purpose, where it enables people like you and me to scour the globe from the comfort of our homes and the view has never looked better.



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