Search For Bollywood Made Better By Google

Bollywood-Google-TechnosearchHollywood is known for it glamor and dazzle, though people forget about the world’s other movie capital- India. Firmly based in Mumbai, which was formerly known as Bombay( this gave the nickname Bollywood). India is a nation of movie buffs and they just want to watch films. Many of them spend time searching for the favorite movie, song, actor or actress on Google Search.

It is for this movie crazy nation US- based search giant Google has developed a “rich, impressive experience” to cater to users queries related to Bollywood and Tollywood, including links to videos and movie screening timings.

An event in Mumbai attended by Bollywood director Karan Johar and Google India’s marketing head Sapna Chadha alongside Search product manager Satyajeet Salgar the new Search Engine Experiences where shared.

Speaking at the event Sapna Chadha-Marketing Head Google said “Google Search now gives local cinema enthusiasts an easy way to discover and explore everything they want to know about their favourite movies, stars, music, dialogues, actors and more,”

She also mentioned that the move was influenced by the huge number of queries Google receives in India on its platform related to cinema. Though  Chadha did not disclose the number of queries, she said 1 in 10 searches in India through mobile devices are about cinema.

Google also offers a similar search experience for cricket in India.

“Google has a long history of building products for India, and we wanted to make sure that when these millions of Indian cinema fans ask Google about their favourite films, actors or songs, they get a delightful, local experience,” Chadha said.

Satyajeet Salgar, product manager (Search) at Google said when users search for a cinema-related topic on the search engine, they will get answers to their queries through carousels powered by the Knowledge Graph, movie showtime, and featured snippets.


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