Space X Falcon 9 Lands On a Floating Drone Ship

Space X-Technosearch

There have been previous attempts to land the first stage of Falcon 9 back on Earth. The Space X rockets were built keeping reusability in mind. The rockets are reusable apart from the fact that it takes quite some time to refurbish the parts which are gathered after they are parachuted into the sea. This increases the cost maintenance.

The landing attempts of Space X makes it more achievable to produce a fully and rapidly reusable rocket system. This will for sure result in considerable cost reduction of space transportation as well.
Unlike the older rockets which would use all of their available fuel in order to reach their destination. Space X rockets store a certain level of fuel after delivering a Dragon to the space station and return the first stage to Earth. This extra fuel is used for reigniting the engines a few times to slow down the rocket and land the first stage after it has sent the spacecraft on its way.


In addition to the extra fuel the Falcon 9 has also a few added features, The grid fans are used to steer the first stage as it drops the edge of the space through the Earth’s atmosphere, cold-gas thrusters on the top of the first stage which are used to flip the rocket around as it begins its journey back to the Earth and landing legs made of carbon fibre which deploys as it is about to land.
The system is programmed to run automatically once the rocket is launched. The rockets react and adjust their behavior based on incoming, real-time data.


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