“Spam King” In Prison For Spamming Facebook Users

Spamking-Technosearch-1A man named Sanford Wallace has an obsession with sending spam messages. It also justifies that the hacker calls himself – Spam King for his heroics.

Wallace has been involved in a massive spam attack on Facebook during the period of November 2008 and March 2009. He had sent around 27 million spam messages on Facebook which included links to capture user profiles and extracting friends list. It affected around 50,000 genuine Facebook users. Later he would also send messages to the extracted user lists. These messages included links which would redirect them to other websites in order to increase traffic and earn cash.

Spam King-SanfordWallace-TechnosearchSanford Wallace has quite a history behind him, born in 1968, started his career as a junk fax sender in the initial days. Junk Fax is a form of telemarketing where unwanted advertisements are spread by the use of Fax as a medium. This method has been outlawed in the United States since 1991.

Later he owned a company named Cyber Promotions, its business activities involved sending unwanted advertisement emails, with the purpose of generating revenue. The company was a common name in the blacklisted email lists. He had been a cause of concern for the US government or internet giants like Facebook and MySpace, many were trying to get to him. Facebook and MySpace had filed civil suits for the spam mails he sent to their users during 2008 and 2009.
Wallace pleaded guilty to “one count of fraud and related activity in connection with electronic mail and one count of criminal contempt of court.” – judge Edward J. Davila said.

He has been sentenced by the court to 30 months in prison and has been ordered to pay a fine of $310,000.

The Court has also ordered that he would be sent to a medical treatment and kept under probation of five years period after being released from prison. He will also not be allowed to own or access any computer device without the permission of the probation order.


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