Tesla Semi Trucks Will Be Introduced Around September

Tesla Semi TrucksDuring the TED talk Tesla, CEO Elon Musk mentioned about his newest idea The Boring Company, also mentioned of Tesla Semi Trucks to be introduced later this year creating an obvious hype.

After the talk, he said he got to test drive the semi-truck just the other day and claimed it to have felt like a sports car. He briefed on the looks of the Tesla upcoming truck and confirmed that the prototype is up and running.

Musk hopes the truck to take shape around September and confident about it outperforming current diesel powered big trucks.

Though the details like battery specs, mileage estimates and further details will surely be known by the end of this year. The key feature of the semi truck would obviously be its autonomous technology that the makers of the truck will flaunt. Along with its potential expansion of its charging infrastructure to support a fleet of semi-trucks.

Let’s wait for it until September.


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