Tiny Camera Can Be Injected Into Your Body

tiny camera-technosearch-3Human bodies are fascinating and when it comes to probing the body by insertion of an instrument to scan it internally it is painful. Scientific progress made by researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany have developed a very tiny camera. This will make internal insertion of probing devices as comfortable as it can be. These tiny cameras can be used in medicine, security monitoring and miniature robots.

The cameras are so tiny it cannot be manufactured using traditional tools. Thus resulting in using the 3D printing technology, to build the camera’s lenses layer by layer.

The tiny camera can focus on images from a distance of 3mm. The camera is currently pulled with  a 1.7 meter (5.5 foot) length of optical fiber. With such minute dimensions, it could easily be injected directly into human organs or brain. Though it still needs some fine tuning and tests to be a go-ahead from regulators.

tiny camera-technosearch-2The creators excited about the prospects wrote in a paper describing the invention – “Endoscopic applications will allow for non-invasive and non-destructive examination of small objects in the medical as well as the industrial sector,”

Further stated – “The unprecedented flexibility of our method paves the way towards printed optical miniature instruments such as endoscopes, fibre-imaging systems for cell biology, new illumination systems, miniature optical fibre traps, integrated quantum emitters and detectors, and miniature drones and robots with autonomous vision.”


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