Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Account Hacked

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey-Technosearch01Welcome to the bad world of Hacking. Yet another high profile twitter account has been hacked, this time, it is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. OurMine has claimed responsibility for the hack where they successfully posted some benign video clips. A tweet was also posted which read “Hey, it’s OurMine,we are testing your security,” and a link to their website which promotes and sells its own “services” for which it has already made $16,500.

The tweets posted by the group did not contain any harmful content. Both the tweets and the linked Vine Video clips were immediately removed.

The OurMine group is a known hacker group from Saudi Arabia, They have a previous history of hacking social media accounts of individuals like Sundar Pichai- CEO, Google, Mark Zuckerberg- CEO, Facebook, Dick Costolo – ex-CEO, Twitter, Brendan Iribe- CEO, Oculus (virtual reality company owned by Facebook)

It seems that OurMine has used passwords from the recent mega breaches in LinkedIn, MySpace and Tumblr to hack Dorsey’s Vine account or any other service, and later gain access to his Twitter account.
The group claims that they are just “testing security” of accounts and making people aware of keeping their accounts secure online. Apart from this OurMine also offers its services to its targets, charging up to $5000 for a “scan” of their social media accounts, website security holes, and other security vulnerabilities.

Lessons Learnt: Change password for all social media sites as well as other online accounts immediately. Especially if you have one password for all the multiple websites.

Any Wild Guess who can be the next target of OurMine!!!! Hit the comments below.


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