After WannaCry Attack BT Customers Targeted By Scam Emails

CustomersAfter the recent WannCry ransomware attacks the BT customers are being targeted by scam emails. The contents of the email warn customers that BT is updating its systems to protect its customers from such attacks and need them to share security details, this allows them to temporarily access to profile features that contain sensitive data.

It is a classical case of phishing where the users are sent emails which contains message asking them to provide personal information that a company would never demand. BT has warned its customer not to disclose any personal details and it will never ask for account information via email.
BT expressed its views in a blog saying – “No reputable organisation should ask for personal details via email, so that should always be a giveaway for a phishing email.”

The phishing incident comes in the wake of the WannaCry attack that affected many organisations in 150 countries which include reputed organisation like NHS, Renault, Nissan and Telefonica. The email contains a message for the BT customers informing them about BT upgrading its systems in wake of the ransomware assault.

This is a common practice used to con people into giving away their information. Generally the contents of the phishing message would be relevant to current affairs to tailor their scam messages. This is a common situation every year when taxpayers are targeted by emails that appear to come from HMRC, while people worried about Brexit were victimised following the referendum.

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