WannaCry Attack on Kerala Railway And Panchayat

WannaCry AttackYet another casualty was reported in Kerala, India where WannaCry attack disrupted the network of Personnel and Accounts Department of the Railway Divisional Office in Palakkad.

Earlier a similar case of WannaCry attack was reported in a panchayat office in Thariyode of Wayanad district were hit by the ransomware on Monday.

In the recent incident around 22 computers have been infected by the WannaCry ransomware by afternoon. These computers were used by workers for internal and clerical work and were not part of the booking and information department. Officials need not worry much as they have the backup intact with them.

Whereas in the case of the panchayat office in Thariyode, officials saw a message on the computer screen suggesting that their files have been encrypted and need to pay ransom for recovering them.
Further, the message also said if ransom not paid within three days the price would be doubled. A deadline of seven days for paying up the ransom which is to be done using bitcoins, failing which all files will be deleted.

Reacting to the incident in Thariyode Nodal officer of Kerala Police Cyberdome, IG Manoj Abraham said – “Looking at the message we think it is a ransomware attack. We have sent our team to confirm the same. The four computers were networked, so they are already affected.”

Earlier Indian cyber security agencies alerted Internet users about the widespread global outbreak of WannaCry attack.

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