WannaCry Malware Causes Inconvenience To Tirupati Devotees

WannaCry MalwareThe WannaCry malware has been a headache to many organisations around the world in over 150 countries where the malware enters the network and encrypts the computers file system and demands for $300 ransom in the form of bitcoins. After all the WannaCry malware reached the doorsteps of Lord Tirupati Devastana.

The malware has attacked around 10 computers used for office work at Tirupati Devasthana temple. The damage control was put in place with Tata Consultancy Services put in control to tackle the situation. They are doing the best to restore the computers back to normal.

The computers at the Tirupati Devastana were all running on older version of Windows and hence were easy targets for the WannaCry malware attack.

The computers infected by WannaCry malware were the ones used for temples office work, whereas the ones used for the management of queues were not infected. As a result of this ransomware attack Inconvenience was caused to lakhs of devotees said the temple management.


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