WannaCry Disaster Is Over! Think Twice

WannaCry disasterThe world is just recovering from the aftermath of WannaCry disaster, after many computer networks across the globe getting disrupted. Is the threat of WannaCry really over, think twice. ShadowBrokers has mentioned their desire to auction the materials in their possession, and have also threatened to release more of the materials if they are not paid in one of their recent blog posts.

ShadowBroker has a history where they managed to steal a bunch of nasty Windows exploits and hacking tools from the NSA stockpile. Using one of these exploits was used to create the WannaCry ransomware which has made the information technology world bleed heavily.

They have further threatened to release more hacking tools on the internet in the near future, which are also part of the stolen exploits last year from another affiliated group with the NSA. Earlier there were doubts regarding the role the ShadowBrokers actually had in the leak of the exploits, but this was later confirmed by the Snowden documents that exploit in their possession indeed originated from the NSA.

As we already mentioned about the recent threat published on the ShadowBroker blog page they have categorically demanded the ransom. The attacks to come will involve monthly data dumps starting in June. This time the tools they threaten to leak will not only be able to penetrate Windows but include exploits to break through SWIFT banking system, mobile devices and possibly even the nuclear programs of Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

WannaCry has already proven the effectiveness of the tools in their possession, we can only imagine what the next set of tools has in stored for us, especially if they have knowledge of the nuclear programs of countries.

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