WannaCry India Attack Summary Report

WannaCry India The WannaCry has become a global epidemic hitting across the world in over 150 countries. The countries affected by WannaCry malware include Russia, UK, Germany, France and the USA. India has also been under the WannaCry attack and it has successfully disrupted a number of computer networks across various states which include Gujrat, Kerala and West Bengal. Though the severity of the attacks causing substantial disruption has been denied by the IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan.

Aruna Sundararajan has further said – “One such incident pertains to 18 computers of Andhra Pradesh Police… and apart from that, there are five other cases… one of them in Kerala where some of the panchayat computers were affected.”

Taking into consideration the severity of the issue, Union Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told news agency ANI, “As far as this cyber issue is concerned, the Government of India is keeping a very strong watch on it. We have been updating our whole security measures since March itself, software has been installed.”

Whereas reactions of the Pune-based cyber security firm Quick Heal Technologies who detected around 48,000 attempts across the country.

Quick Heal Technologies’ managing director Sanjay Katkar reported to PTI said – “Our observation is that the attack is not focused towards any particular industry but it is widely spread across industries especially those organisations which are online and connected.”

Data generated by QuickHeal showed that 60% of the attack was targeted at enterprises where the remaining 40% was against individuals.

The WannaCry is the biggest cyber attacks in the history and what it does is intrudes the computers running on older version of Windows like 98 and XP. It encrypts the computer’s system files and popup a windows demanding the ransom of $300 in the form of Bitcoins.
Briefly, let us see state wise WannaCry hit state details:

The GSWAN(Gujrat State Wide Area Network) was disrupted where over 120 odd computers connected to the network were hit by the WannaCry attack. The government officials confirmed no crucial data was lost in the cyber attack.

The organisation is a network of 60,000 computers connecting with 33 districts and 3200 government offices for secure digital communication.

Apart from this incident personal computer in Vadodara experience the WannaCry attack. Mr P Bharathi, district collector told PTI – around 10% of the total computers of the district administration were affected by the ransomware attack.

West Bengal
The West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) at least 10 computers in the customer care centre were attacked by the malware in West Midnapore, South Dinajpur and East Midnapore districts.

Speaking to the PTI State power minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay said that few computers were affected out of the total 504 customer centres of the WBSEDC.
He further stated – “We have shut down those computers. Our operations have run smooth and we have faced no problem as the virus could not affect the central server,”

Andhra Pradesh
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), told PTI few computers belonging to the Police Department in Andhra Pradesh were disabled due to the attack.
The AP government was instructed to follow the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team’s (CER) advisory to handle the attack. Later IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan confirmed 18 computers were under the attack.

There were a number of incidents involving the WannaCry malware in the state of Odisha. One of the state-run hospitals in Ganjam district of Odisha was the target of the malware. Whereas the Berhampur City Hospital located at nearly 170 kilometres from Bhubaneshwar, the data and information management system was attacked by the WannaCry malware disrupting the e-medicine and data services.

Additional District Medical Officer (ADMO) Saroj Mishra told PTI experts from the National Informatics Centre were deployed to tackle the issue and also added a $300 ransom was being demanded.
A FIR has been lodged with the police.

There have been no major incidents reported in Mumbai and Pune apart from the Maharashtra Police department being partially hit by the WannaCry ransomware and few other isolated incidents.

Village panchayats office in Wayanad and Pathanamthitta districts reported yesterday about the cyber attack. Four computers at Thariyathodu panchayat in Wayanad and two computers at Aruvappulam panchayat in Pathanamthitta district were attacked, but no major damage was caused, the police said.

Tamil Nadu
Only a few isolated incidents were reported in TamilNadu.

The capital was not spared of the WannaCry attacks though specific details have not been mentioned.

Computers belonging to the personnel department that deals with staff matters such as appointments, transfers and promotions etc. of the Southern Railways’ Palakkad division came under attack on Tuesday. The Railways officials informed around 23 of the 500 systems located in various departments of the office were targeted.

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