Whatsapp Android Gets Voice Mail and Call Back

Whatsapp Android-TechnosearchThe rumours about voicemail and call back features being included in Whatsapp have finally come true. Currently these services are only available on Whatsapp Android version. Though the version is not yet rolled out via the Google Play store, it is available in the apps latest beta version.

Currently one can download the Whatsapp Android beta version 2.16.189. It includes the voice calling and call back features under the call log section of the app. Whenever the user fails to respond to his or her Whatsapp Call the voicemail and call back options can be seen. This is regardless of the app version a person on the other side of the call is using.

The features are simple where the callback option allows users to call the other person whereas the voicemail feature is displayed as a regular voice message to the receiver. To record a voicemail, simply tap and hold on the icon. Both features are easy to access as they are shown on the same screen. At present, the beta version can be downloaded from the APK mirror website. This version is not yet available on the Google Play store or the official website of the company.
Along with this feature, Whatsapp has also introduced a new font for it chat users. The font is similar to the Fixedsys in Windows and is the only font option available to users presently. In case you need to type “Hey Waz Up” in the new font, you simply type it like this typing “`Hey Waz Up“`. This feature is also available for iOS users of Whatsapp. This font change does not support other character formats like Bold or Italics.


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