WhatsApp Beta Introduces Chat Pinning Feature

WhatsApp Beta Whatsapp is a popular social messenger used around the world by billions of users. It gives you the freedom to add friends, groups from your office, school college, family and society. It just brings people socially closer to each other online. WhatsApp Beta Introduces Chat Pinning Feature.

The messenger is so popular people are sending several messages, pictures videos to each other and many of the groups added. At times you are not able to access your Whatsapp app for some time and suddenly when you choose to access it all your messages throw up confusing you and at times you miss out on a few messages or need to scroll down to find one. This exactly is being fixed by Whatsapp in its latest beta 2.17.162 and .163 release with a new feature as spotted by AndroiPolice.

The new feature incorporated with Whatsapp allows users to determine their chat preferences. The feature allows WhatsApp users add three chats in their chat list as a priority. The user can simply tap the desired chat and and will get a pin icon next to the delete, mute and archive option that appears right on top. Simply choose the Pin Option and the chat will move to the top. The users can pin three chats to the top.

In case the users wish to unpin, then long press on the chat and you will see the unpin option on top. Choose this and then the chat will move down the chain of threads. Whereas when you pin a conversation Whatsapp will bring the conversation right on top irrespective of any other conversations are streaming in.

The new features come in handy especially for those users who are constantly getting messages from various groups and friends. This feature ensures you do not miss out on at least three important contacts or groups maybe your friends or family.

You can download the Beta version from here


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